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  • Sensors

  • Communication & networking

  • Cloud applications

  • Data analytics

  • Data security

  • Data interfaces to mobile apps and IT-systems

  • Installation & maintenance

KonektSens competencies

KonektSens develops end-to-end IoT solutions for industrial applications in close cooperation with its customers. Our engineers - and those of our partners - have the knowledge and experience needed to develop and deploy the robust, cost-effective, secure and future-proof solutions that help your company achieve it’s objectives.

Industrial Internet of Things
KonektSens helps

The possibilities of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are endless. Wireless sensor networks can be used to lower cost or serve customers better. Wireless sensor networks also enable completely new business models, like per pay-per-use or freemium. But the successful implementation of such ideas confronts companies with many challenges. Which sensor, telecom and network technologies are most suitable for our application? How can we integrate the offerings of specialised suppliers of sensors, telecom and Cloud services? How do we connect our new wireless sensor network to existing IT systems and mobile apps?

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